Kassandra Davis





10/2018 Macabre Mundanity by Kassandra Davis

Otherworlds, Edmonds, WA

10/2018 PNW Comic Show

Ver(a)rt Gallery, Seattle, WA

09/2017   Between Two Worlds, Fire Walk With Me

Push/Pull Gallery, Seattle, WA

08/2017   In The Name of The Moon

Ver(a)rt Gallery, Seattle, WA

09/2016   Pokemon PAX Art Show

Gamma Ray Games, Seattle, WA

08/2016   In The Name of The Moon

Ver(a)rt Gallery, Seattle, WA

02/2016   The Heartbreak Science Fair

inartsnw, Seattle, WA

02/2016 ASHES TO ASHES: A David Bowie Art Tribute

Warlock Labs, Seattle, WA

11/2015     Beautiful Trash: A Tribute To Low-Budget Cinema

Push/Pull Gallery, Seattle, WA

10/2015     Morbid Sentiment

Push/Pull Gallery, Seattle, WA

09/2015 Going All The Way

Push/Pull Gallery, Seattle, WA

08/2015 Comic Life Celebrates...

Push/Pull Gallery, Seattle, WA

02/2015     A Show of Hearts

Trabant Coffee & Chai, Seattle, Washington

12/2014     2nd Annual Singular/Similar Solstice

Trabant Coffee & Chai, Seattle, Washington

07/2014 We're All Stars Now (In The Gnome Show)

Echo Echo Gallery, Seattle, WA

06/2014 The Fine Art of Nicolas Cage

Georgetown Liquor Company, Seattle, Washington

02/2014     Less Than Three

Trabant Coffee & Chai , Seattle, Washington

01/2014     A Child's Heart (a tribute to the works of Hayao Miyazaki)

Urban Light Studios , Seattle, Washington

Otherworlds Presents: Monsters!

Otherworlds , Edmonds, Washington

12/2013     Nightmare Before Christmas and Other Tim Burton Themed Art

Otherworlds, Edmonds, Washington

Similar/Singular Solstice

Trabant Coffee & Chai, Seattle, Washington

08/2013     Between Two Worlds, Fire Walk With Me

Echo Echo Gallery , Seattle, Washington

05/2013     Expo 13

Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, Washington

02/2013     Rock the Terminal 2013: Twisted Love

Art Not Terminal Gallery, Seattle, Washington

10/2012     Sugar-Skull & Flour

American Pie Bakery & Cafe, Seattle, Washington

Monster Apocalypse: Halloween Art Show: Hiveland Meets The Seattle Alternative Art Scene

The Piranha Shop, Seattle, Washington

09/2012     Talk Like A Pirate

Online Cafe, Seattle, Washington

07/2012     Part II Between Heaven and Hellboy -

Alternative Artists Take On Comics, Superheroes, and Supervillians’

Urban Light Studios, Seattle, Washington

Coaster Show

Apocalypse Tattoo, Seattle, Washington

03/2012     Featured Artist: Kassandra Davis

Mercury@MachineWerks, Seattle, Washington

06/2010     Gang of Four

X17 Gallery, Seattle, Washington



2008-2013     Bachelor of Fine Arts with a 3.38 GPA.

Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, Washington



2017-2018 Elamora Studio's Ladies First 'Zine, Issue I-II

2015-2016 BwITCH! All girls Comic ZINE, Issue I-III

06/2015 Ergot, Counterculture 'Zine, Debut Issue

06/2014-10/2014 'Introducing the Fantastic Comic Work of Kassandra Davis! ",  Monthly Feature, Seattle P.I.

03/2009     Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine, Spring 2009 Issue

10/2008     Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine, Fall 2008 Issue


10/2014, 01/2015     Illustrations for ‘Ask Crotch Talk’ articles

Bellingham On Tap Magazine, Bellingham, WA

03/2014     Illustrations for ‘CLP TV’ zulily customer service training videos

zulily, Seattle, WA


09/2016         Sessions of She: September Showcase Panelist

The Rendezvous Seattle, WA

11/2014        November  Seattle True Independent Film Festival Nights Featuring Digital Comic Books Panelist

Seattle Transmedia, Seattle, WA

03/2014        I Heart Comic Art: the local indie comic art benefit Finalist

Seattle, WA

2014        Mockery & Vodka Web Comic